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Our Clients/Services

Our Clients/Services

Competitive Proposals for Traffic Data Collection

What differentiates the CCS Team from other data collection companies?

With nearly 80 Miovision Scout Connect Units, DJI Pro4 V2.0 drones, JamarTech BlackCat radar units and over 10 TMC boards; CCS has become THE leading data collection company in KY, OH and surrounding states! CCS is the sole distributor for TrafficCast BlueTOAD Spectra units used in many instances for complex O-D Studies. With a full crew of dedicated CCS Team members no project small, large or anywhere in between is out of reach.

Isn’t it time that you discover what your competition already knows? CCS is your solution for all of your data collection needs. Remember, almost anyone can count cars, but CCS specializes on collecting accurate and timely data … not counting cars.

What do you get from the CCS Team?

Steven W. Cummins, Owner of Cummins Consulting Services, LLC, will serve as our Project Manager for studies and provide project oversight and QA/QC services. Steve has 27 years of experience as a licensed transportation practitioner, and his company of 16 years has collected nearly 20,000 hours of video data collection. The CCS Team includes administrative office personnel, field technicians that will assist in the collection and dissemination of data using the CCS Suburbans and office technicians that will review and process all data from videos as necessary.

Tabitha Cummins will assist in the area of adequately overseeing the staffing responsibilities. Ben Mills has extensive knowledge of deploying MioVision equipment, as well as direct hands on experience with the operations and construction of traffic signals. Each previously worked for an electrical contractor and were responsible for constructing and wiring traffic signals from the plan stage to completion (both span wire, as well as mast arms). Their technical knowledge will prove valuable as collecting specific data requires multiple camera angles and specifications to the phase operation of traffic signals in the field so that data can be processed appropriately with the MioVision algorithm. Aaron Cummins will act as data processing and reviewing technician for the CCS Team. He will take lead on all data inquiries and research. Finally, Andrew Cummins, a US Army Reserve Veteran, controls the inventory and maintenance of all CCS equipment so you can feel confident the data is being collected with up to date and properly working equipment.


Ron Herrington

former Director of Traffic Engineering, City of Lexington, KY

“Steve has been a champion for incident and traffic management to affect Homeland Security and Intelligent Transportation Systems in central Kentucky for nearly 20 years. His everyday enthusiasm and search for the better solution make him an excellent transportation operations engineer.”

Jose Sepulveda, FHWA

KY Division Administrator

“We have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Cummins over the past several years on transportation projects. He has been instrumental in traffic management, public education and outreach, ITS, incident management response and special events.”

Jim LaBatt

President Blackhawk Enterprises

“Steve is one of the hardest working professionals I have ever met. He has the ability to combine business professionalism with a personal trait of truly caring for people.”

Becky Hudson

Special Projects Coordinator, Kentucky Transportation Center

“The Kentucky Transportation Center joins the University of Kentucky’s Transportation Center in extending our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Steve Cummins for his involvement at the Kentucky Lifesavers Conference. It was my extreme pleasure meeting Steve and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with him.”

James E. Ballinger

KYTC D7-Chief District Engineer

“On a personal note, the traffic engineering staff at the District 7 Office is young and inexperienced. Steve is always patient and offers good, sound advice as he works closely with these young engineers. He is the ultimate mentor. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Steve and recommend him highly.”

Mark Barnard

Assistant Police Chief, City of Lexington, KY

“I have been in government for 26 years and can say without hesitation Steve Cummins is one of the Team Players and an asset to our community. I have found him to be one of the exceptional professionals I have worked with in terms of his dedication, professional integrity, and personal character. Steve has the ability to transcend the attitude of “it’s not my responsibility” and to visualize issues holistically to address problems from a variety of perspectives.”

Thomas Curtsinger

Police Commander, City of Lexington, KY

“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Steve on several large events such as the World Equestrian Games, NCAA Final Four Basketball celebrations and July 4th festivities. I have been impressed with his work ethic and professionalism as he continually goes out of his way to meet our needs and educate members of our division to better understand the important role traffic engineering plays in cooperation with Police efforts. I cherish the highly professional and effective relationship that Steve has developed with the Division of Police.”

Michael Blanton

Police Commander, City of Lexington, KY

“Steve is a professional and a leader in using excellent communication skills and his commitment to work collaboratively to get a job done. Steve clearly demonstrates that he sees the big picture when others cannot. He is a true visionary.”

Kevin Saal

Associate AD, University of Kentucky Athletics Department, Event Operations

“Steve has played a pivotal role in the successful management of our football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball game day operations. I have had the opportunity to work with Steve since 2007 and he has provided the utmost professional support and fostered valuable partnerships.”

Mark Sullivant

SE USA Regional Manager, Rhythm Engineering

“From my personal experience in the business market over 35 years, I can testify that Steve is of the highest quality in his character and I truly appreciate his efforts to go above and beyond the call to make all of our business dealings were not only professional, but also worthwhile.”

Randall Van Scoy

President, PathMaster, Inc.

“Over the years, I noticed that all of those who work closely with Steve appear to have a genuine respect for him as an individual and as a professional. I certainly admire that trait in an individual.”

Loren Stayer

President, Iron Armour, LLC

“I have known Steve nearly 10 years, both professionally and personally. He has demonstrated to me a level of integrity that is not easy to find. I consider him a visionary – one who looks to the future. At the same time, he has acquired skills in learning from the past. Steve is definitely considers “the big picture” in his work, not only for today, but also for the future of the transportation industry.”